A 28mm English force based around the English army who fought at Formigny in 1450

Friday, 15 February 2013

Some Conversions..

Over the last few days I’ve been having a bit of a mess around with the Perry plastics to see what sort of conversions I can come up with, and have been pretty pleased with the results. Using parts from the other plastic sets it’s possible to come up with some quite dynamic and interesting poses.

I want to incorporate a few casualty models into my ranks. Before the battle commenced the English forces are recorded as standing their ground while the French bombarded them with cannon fire, which the sources imply was quite effective as it caused a group of archers to sally forth, without orders, to capture them and stop the carnage they were creating. I didn’t really want to make guys being blown to bits by cannon balls so I instead thought it might be an idea to make some being hit by arrows/bolts, as there were quite a few crossbowmen and francs-archers present on the French side and it isn’t a great stretch to imagine them adding to the gunfire. I cut the models off their bases and then repositioned them, using various different arms and hand combinations to create a dynamic effect. I’m quite happy with the result.

These guys were made by drilling out hands and using metal halberds/bills to create different poses. This frees up the other hand so it can be used for something else, like signalling or carrying something.


These others were basically just put together by utilising a combination of parts from different sets (cavalry helmets, mercenary arms etc.) with a little bit of green stuff to alter poses slightly or fill gaps.

Next up I’m planning on working on Matthew Gough’s command base, one of the other principal commanders of the battle. I’m still searching for livery colours, but have had little luck. At this rate I think I will probably just have to make my mind up to decide on livery colours for each of the commanders using what I have available (for example using Kyriell’s red and yellow from his heraldry as the colours for his detachment). I think it’s likely the information simply hasn’t been recorded as none of the commanders at Formigny seem to have been particularly well known characters, even though they had quite substantial service records by the time of Formigny.


  1. Some great new poses - really well done!
    Love the casualties in particular. Just as a mildly pedantic point (please forgive me...) you could scrape / file off the bracers from the archers left arms when converting for halbards? :)

    PS - are you going to allow Followers to this blog...I'd like to!

    1. Haha, pedantic but a very good point! I'm quite dissapointed in myself that I missed that! I'll take them off

      Are you sure you can't follow it? It says I have two people following already - if you can't how do you change the settings?

  2. Hi there, I am really enjoying the blog to date, I too would like to follow but am unable to. I think you need to go into layout and add the gadget for followers...I think.
    On another note I will take a look at some of my source notes and see what I can dig up on live ry colours. Don't forget that the St. George cost would have been popular, just as the French would have worn a white cross on a red field.

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for the compliments! I've added a followers button now, so let me know if it works.

      That would be great - thanks for your help! Yeah I'm planning on having a mix of white jackets with The st George's cross and livery coats I think. I really, really hate painting white so I can't bring myself to do everyone in them! Haha


  3. Very nice conversions, like the wounded in particular. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

  4. Great looking conversions!